Larry Roney has brought the Philadelphia suburbs the music it loves for nearly three decades. A self-taught musician, Larry has been a fixture on the pub and tavern scene throughout his career. The seamless blend of his melodic voice and acoustic guitar is certain to draw you in, and have you lost in the sound of his music.

Larry's fans are a loyal crew that has followed him since his early days playing at The Rat, during his years as a fixture at West Chester's Turks Head Music Festival, and to the numerous venues he plays around Philadelphia's suburbs. He spent nearly a decade drawing crowds at the University of Delaware. That exposure landed him dozens of weddings and private parties up and down the 202 corridor.

A father of two childern, Cheryl and Michael, Larry enjoys spending time with his family. You'll certainly enjoy the time you get to spend with Larry, a talented and tasteful artist who has offered the Philadelphia suburbs the finest acoustic experience for nearly three decades.

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